TransMissions Episode 14


TransmissionsCover_smallOn this episode we have a huge Hasbro toy leak to talk about, along with a review of Dark Cybertron #1.  We’ll also talk about some cool things we picked up this week at the store.  We have all this and more on this episode of Transmissions!

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Show Notes:

  • Toys [00:01:22]
  • Comics [00:34:06]
    • Dark Cybertron #1 Spoiler Review [00:34:06]
    • Classic Review [01:05:50]
  • Cybertronian Beast Review Corner – Jetfire (G1) Review  [01:27:28]
  • Trips To The Store [01:36:32]
    • Darryl
    • Jeremy
      • TFCC Subscription Service 1.0 Ultra Mammoth
      • TF Generations Thundercracker
      • Dead Tree Comics!
        • Monstrosity #4
        • Regeneration One #s 94, 0, 95
        • RID #s 21, 22
        • MTMTE #s 20, 21, 22
    • Yoshi
    • Charles
      • Paper copies: Robots in Disguise #22, Transformers Prime Beast Hunters #6
      • Digital copy: Spotlight: Galvatron
  • Feedback [01:49:44]
    • Steve-il King Macrocranios on Facebook: “The Radio Shack Shockwave is commonly referred to as Shackwave, but the actual product name was Galactic Man.  Personally I think a Shockwave reissue is at least a theoretical possibility. Unlike Jetfire, he actually got a Takara release, and they reissued Omega Supreme who wasn’t originally from Takara as part of Encore. And it’s not like ToyCo is still around keeping the Astro Magnum franchise alive and infringement free.  (I’m not even sure some form of Jetfire is out of the question since Hasbro was eventually able settle that Harmony Gold lawsuit and sell those GI Joe/TF SDCC exclusives on Hasbro Toy Shop.)”
    • Joe Teanby on Facebook: “Great podcast! If you’re after the Headmaster series it’s collected in the Titan reprint called Trial by Fire. Pretty cheap too I think.”
      • Titan Headmaster graphic novel on Amazon and eBay
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