TransMissions Episode 102 – Hasbro Get Your Hands Off My TF Comics!

kultur_tarn_16x9On this ranting and raving episode of TransMissions, we check out some images from MasterMind Creations’ R-18 Kultur, a third party take on the MTMTE comic’s DJD baddie Tarn. We also tackle a double-header comic review of Combiner Wars Parts 2 and … Continue reading

TransMissions Episode 101 – Just Hangin’ Out

john_moschitta_pic_16x9On this special Google Hangout episode we’re joined by all our Patreon and PayPal donors! Charles discusses IDW Transformers comics’ switch from 22 pages down to just 20, Jeremy talks about new guest announcements in convention news, and Darryl dishes on the … Continue reading

TransMissions Episode 100 – Centennial Celebration!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn this epic milestone episode, we’re getting reissues of Generation 1 Blaster and Perceptor, in one box! We review IDW’s Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye issue #39, and we answer more of your listener questions during our feedback segment.  … Continue reading

TransMissions Episode 99 – Everybody Hates Yoshi

Matrix_burden_16x9On this episode, news breaks of Takara’s MP-18B, a Diaclone-colored Bluestreak! We review the Transformers: Punishment one-shot in comics, and BotCon announces Frank Welker, Megatron himself, as a special guest this year! All this, and much, much, more on this 99th installment … Continue reading

TransMissions Episode 98 – Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?

warbotron_shockwaveOn this limited edition episode we review Combiner Wars Part 1 from the new Transformers Windblade series in our comics segment. In our toys segment, the plastic used in the new G1 Platinum Edition action figures comes into question, and we give … Continue reading

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