TransMissions Episode 106 – Mo’ Apollyon, Mo’ Problems

broken_apollyon_16x9On this episode we delve into Apollyon-Gate… it’s now a thing. Alex Milne is attending TFcon Toronto, and we review IDW’s Transformers Combiner Wars Part 4. All this and much, much more on this episode of TransMissions!


Check out our Continue reading

TransMissions Episode 105 – Now Offering A Degree In Transformerology!

university_tf_leadership_researcher_16x9On this highly educated episode, we explore new images of Unique Toys’ third party Terrorcon figures Hagen (not-Cutthroat) and Siegfreid (not-Hun-grr). We discuss what Star Wars can learn from Transformers, and we get news that Andrew Griffith is going to attend Puerto … Continue reading

TransMissions Episode 104 – Featuring Brian Kilby of Radio Free Cybertron!

Transformers-Pez-Dispenser_16x9On this international episode of TransMissions we’re joined by Radio Free Cybertron’s own Brian Kilby, and he tells us what it was like to be an Internet radio pioneer! We check out some killer … Continue reading

TransMissions Episode 103 – Where In The World Is Big C?

windbladeanimatedOn this episode of TransMissions Charles has again fled the USA and in his place we are joined by our new editor Michael Ordway! On the show we discuss the new images of WAR … Continue reading

TransMissions Episode 102 – Hasbro Get Your Hands Off My TF Comics!

kultur_tarn_16x9On this ranting and raving episode of TransMissions, we check out some images from MasterMind Creations’ R-18 Kultur, a third party take on the MTMTE comic’s DJD baddie Tarn. We also tackle a double-header comic review of Combiner Wars Parts 2 and … Continue reading

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